Not only should the fence be high, but also people should be arranged to watch the night and two dogs should be trained!

"Aze and I will go in and see Jane. You can take Qinger and Cher back first!" Even Fang Zhou called Jane to stop the donkey cart and said with a smile
Even the che busy way "elder sister, I and qing son walk home! It’s not far here! Let Brother Jane go with you! "
Even Fang Qing pouted, "We can also go in with my sister to have a look!"
"The workers inside are working in a mess. Let’s not go!" Lian Che said, "Don’t worry about my sister!"
Even Fang Zhou couldn’t help but take a favorable look at Lian Che. This child is the most sensible.
Even Fang Qing was "oh" and smiled, "Sister, let’s go back by ourselves!" Said finish two people have jumped out of the car.
O simple laughed "then let them go home! It won’t be long before we go in and ask the old gu! "
Even Fang Zhou smiled and looked at Jane and parked her car by the side of the road.
Sure enough, it’s in full swing, and it’s busy carrying sand and gravel, coming and going, and there’s another wall on the foundation.
When I saw three people coming to Lianfangzhou, two workers talked in a hurry and confessed a few words, then they came to Lianfangzhou with a smile.
Even fangzhou asked about the situation and showed them the progress one by one.
It’s no accident that everything is in order.
Even fangzhou three people put their hearts at ease and went to have a look and left for home.
The next day, Lian Fangzhou, Lian Ze and Jane went to the city to find and sell fruit tree nurseries, and Lian Fangqing and Lian Che stayed at home to help their three aunts feed the cows by the way.
There is a family named Liu in the eastern suburb of the county town who does this.
His family also has a 30-acre nursery, but besides selling some fruit seedlings, he also sells cultivated flowers. In addition, it seems that there is really no such thing.
Since I’m here, even Fangzhou three people still went to have a look.
There are many kinds of seedlings in Liujia nursery, but it is the main fruit tree for cultivating flowers, but the number of seedlings is very small, which is mainly sold to the gardens of big families for the scenery.
I bought a total of 400 persimmon trees in their home, all of which are three-year-old seedlings.
However, Liu, who was in charge, heard that Lianfangzhou still needed 16,700 trees, which was a big business. He couldn’t help but feel tempted and discussed with Lianfangzhou that he had something to do in Shuangliu County in a few days, but he could buy her back the price from there. He wanted two pence more for each tree.
Even Fang Zhou was surprised and happy when he heard this, and asked him if he might guarantee to buy it back.
Willow take charge of smell speech just laughed smilingly "this girl you can rest assured! That Shuangliu County, although Yu County is adjacent to it, it can’t be put aside that people occupy the geographical position, which is much richer and more prosperous than ours, and the population is much larger! Don’t say that one or two thousand trees is no problem! Even the girl can rest assured that I will take care of you in my own nursery when I buy it, and then come back when you want it in spring! "
Even Fang Zhou was naturally willing to pay the deposit on the spot.
Liu take charge of smiling to send them away.
Holding the deposit, Liu, who is in charge, is so happy that he has added two pence here in Lianfangzhou, and then the seller will ask others to make a profit. He may make a lot of money this trip!
It’s best, but by the way, even cars and roads can be ignored
Solved a great event, even Fangzhou felt very comfortable and laughed. "It must be all right to order farm tools at Lao Wang’s blacksmith’s shop. Let’s take it back!" It’ s just the Sun Xianteng Mountain! "
"Let’s go tomorrow!" Even ze eyes a bright.
"Well, I think the weather is good, so go!" Even fangzhou nodded.
Even Ze was excited and sighed unconsciously, "It’s a pity that I wanted to try my hand at customizing bows and arrows!"
Said at Jane.
Although I am busy these days, I still refuse to practice. I must practice every morning and evening.
Jane saw that he was serious and wanted to learn, so she spared no effort to give directions. According to him, even Zexue was good.
It’s hard to get such a good chance. Of course, Lian Ze wants to try his hand.
Even Fang Zhou couldn’t help but look at Jane and smile.
Jane smiled faintly. "Is this too hard? You don’t have to have an iron bow and arrow to hunt. Chapter 156 Dig a stump (1)
"Brother Jane, where can I compare with you?" Lian Ze was depressed. "You can hit a pheasant flying with your wings with a stone. I can’t!"
Paused and envious, "I don’t know when I will have such a thing!" "
Jane smiled and said, "You have a good qualification and are willing to endure hardships to learn. It is very rare to have ready-made ones for such a long time! To persevere, I think two or three years can barely do it. I said that it is not necessary to have an iron bow and arrow, but it is not the same for you to make a bow and arrow with carnation in your hand. "
Even ze listen to finish eyes a bright busy way "really! Brother Jane, can you make bamboo bows and arrows? "
Even Fang Zhou "sloped" laughed. "Why don’t you ask? How can Jane say that if she can’t! "
Jane also laughed.
"That’s great! Bamboo is everywhere. It’s easy! " Lian ze Xi Dao
Jane smiled and said, "Not all bamboo can be made. It’s best to make a bow from bamboo that has been grown for four years. It’s tough and sharp enough to make an arrow!"
I don’t know if it’s even the illusion of Fangzhou that Jane’s black eyes like Zhaishi seem to have two more points and her expression is two more points.
She stared at Jane for a moment.
She didn’t know that Jane herself felt something unusual, as if something was churning from the bottom of her heart, making his long-calm heart lake suddenly blow like the wind and churn slightly.
It seems that something is coming out.
A few images flashed through his mind quickly, but he still didn’t see them clearly. He wanted to be white and disappeared again.
Jane couldn’t help but pursue the image, and there were some stupefied images.
Lian Ze looked at Lian Fangzhou and then at Jane, and suddenly they were absent-minded. Generally, he couldn’t help but cry out, "Sister, brother Jane, what’s wrong with you!"
I called Fang Zhou and A Jian Fang for two consecutive times.
At the moment of return to absolute being, the two men also saw each other’s absence and couldn’t help but smile a little embarrassed.
"Nothing, I just remembered something else at the moment." Even Fang Zhou covered it with a smile.
"Me, me too," Jane also said.
Even ze "oh" is obviously not quite convinced, but it seems that there is nothing wrong with asking, and I just never ask.
Soon he was hooked by bamboo bows and arrows and asked Jane all kinds of questions with great interest.
Jane smiled and returned to her mind. By the way, he bought some animal tendons, hemp rope, sandpaper, cowhide and other things needed to make bows and arrows in the city
On the way home, Lian Ze got Nan Zhu, who met Jane’s requirements, cut two long bamboo trees and put them in a donkey cart to take home.
When I got home, even Fangzhou asked me to put my hoes, shovels, firewood knives, sickles, scrapers and other farm tools in a small platform separated from the cowshed.
Lian Fangqing and Lian Che couldn’t help but ask what they were doing when they saw two big bamboos glowing yellow in the green.
Hear even ze said two people are also very excited, eagerly waiting for Jane to start work with even ze.
Even Fang Zhou smiled and shook his head slightly, but he didn’t care if they told him, "Don’t scratch when the bamboo is cut open. Don’t be too close to your brother Jane. Don’t cry if you cut your hand and bleed!"
Even Fang Qing and others agreed.