Li Zhichang sent some true qi into the monarch, which became more and more sensitive. She couldn’t bear this strange itch for mercy any longer. "Good brother … you want black … jade intermittent cream … I’ll give it to you … give me a break."

Li Zhichang didn’t stop. At this time, the monarch’s face was flushed and her eyes were watery and she didn’t say a word for a long time
Li Zhichang urged, "Why don’t the monarch empress ask them to take out jet intermittent cream and force them to do it again?"
The monarch is reluctant to say, "Ah Er, give him the jet cream intermittently."
Ah Er got the monarch’s order and thought that the jet intermittent cream, though expensive, was as light as a feather compared with the young master’s daughter’s body. If this jet intermittent cream can satisfy Li Zhichang, it is not a loss.
Ah Er took out a golden box with a thickness of only two inches from his body. He threw the box in the past to signal that he didn’t play tricks before sending jet intermittent cream. This also means that he knows that Li Zhichang is extraordinary. If he is self-defeating, he will hurt the monarch. Then the palace will be angry at him. There will be dozens of people, old and young, who will still be alive.
Li Zhichang took the box, gently lifted the lid and hit it full of black ointment, but the smell was fragrant and cool. Li Zhichang smiled slightly. "The monarch empress still has to work hard for you." The monarch really doesn’t know what Li Zhichang is playing. Li Zhichang suddenly held her left wrist and the other thumb came over. The heat made her heart unable to help but swing. Fortunately, her cheeks flushed and she was not afraid of being discovered.
Before she could figure out what Li Zhichang was going to do, there was a sharp pain in her wrist. It turned out that Li Zhichang’s diamond finger force broke her hand bone, but the pain didn’t make her feel much. Li Zhichang didn’t know what to do, and she quickly reset her bone with jet intermittent cream, and she didn’t know when to apply her wound.
At the same time, Li Zhichang’s palm is hot and holding her wound, which makes her feel like soaking in a hot spring. It’s warmer than relaxing, and almost makes her unable to move a finger. Ah is well informed. Of course, he knows that Li Zhichang can quickly exert the effect of jet intermittent cream by taking advantage of the true qi. However, he has never heard of this healing method in reality because it consumes the true qi and tests people’s control over the true qi. At this time, he dare not make any slight changes because Li Zhichang’s true qi connects him with the monarch’s body through his hands. If they distract Li Zhichang a little, he can’t control Li Zhichang and suddenly
Ah Er didn’t do Li Zhichang well, but Ah Da kept winking at him and told him not to move. He knew that Ah Da had always been calm and would never shoot at him, so after listening to Ah Da’s big talk, he didn’t move anything, and he didn’t help Ah Er up when he fainted.
After about a quarter of an hour, Li Zhichang evacuated his hand from the monarch’s wrist with a smile on his face. This jet intermittent cream also doesn’t know what prescription is incredibly effective. This is really rare, because his true qi has induced the efficacy of the medicine at the broken bone of the monarch.
Chapter 17 People on the horizon are like the moon
Li Zhichang sighed, "The jet intermittent cream is not empty." He naturally noticed that this jet intermittent cream was quite miraculous, and it could actually give birth to broken bones and help the wound heal. This miraculous effect made him feel at a glance.
Avenue A: "Since the elixir is effective, I hope the princess will be released from the pavilion."
Li Zhichang gently shook his head with a faint smile. "Please prepare a carriage for me to send me and the princess empress out. I will naturally let her go then." He will not let the princess go easily, but he will not be silly to believe that the other party will send him out of the camp after letting the princess go. He can just stop the princess by surprise. If the other party is alert, it will not be so easy to stop the princess so easily.
Ah Daxin, this is the depths of the camp. There are 1,000 soldiers outside. If you have any misconduct, it’s hard for you to escape. Who can stop you when you get out? Ah Da knows Li Zhichang badly. Even if he knows that the other party is also worried, he will never dare to let Li Zhichang go out of the camp
O big flatly refused to "no"
After Li Zhichang’s hand left the princess, the princess found that her wrist had no discomfort except slightly blackened skin. I didn’t think that just now Li Zhichang was lively and angry, and her wrist rolled back and forth, feeling a little sad and lost.
Even so, she didn’t lose her reaction to the outside world. When Ada said’ No’, the princess said, "Listen to him find a carriage to take me out with him."
Ah Da didn’t expect that the monarch has always been strong, so why did she suddenly make such a big concession? However, since the monarch ordered Ah Da to promise to go out of the camp and teach people to find a carriage, at the same time, he was extremely uneasy and asked people to call the famous archers in the Shaolou. The martial arts of the archers are common, but everyone is a hundred paces, and the archers are as good as a team of hundreds of people.
After a while, a luxurious decorated carriage was driven out by Ada himself, followed by a famous iron rider with a sword on his waist, a bow and arrow, and five or six falcons with ink feathers and claws. This man is naturally an arrow.
Li Zhichang car also recognized this man as the archer of the former guard post. They naturally came to guard the country behind them. Although Li Zhichang knew each other’s intentions, he couldn’t stand these people without an army siege. Even if he was in the heyday, he might be able to rush out alone.
Crossing a mountain bag, Li Zhichang Kung Fu, Fiona Fang’s dozens of feet of trouble can’t hide from his eyes and ears. He knows that there is really no one else around here, so he asked Ada to stop the carriage. He took the princess carriage and the princess empress as beautiful as flowers and pure as jade with a gentle jump and stopped ten feet away from Ada. Li Zhichang conveniently solved the princess acupuncture point.
The princess didn’t seem to be too happy that he solved acupuncture points. Li Zhichang was silent around him. Although he knew that she was a Mongolian princess and his position was hostile, he was not ashamed to bully a woman. He has always been rampant, but he has little scruples, but it is not taboo to kill people. He would never do this if he hadn’t been injured and recovered quickly. So Li Zhichang said softly, "I have sinned against the princess. If you make my hand every time, I will spare you."
He felt that he was at the peak of the world. Although he didn’t dare to say that ten thousand people were enemies, it was easy to kill someone after recovering from his injury. Since he and the princess had made a enmity, it was very expensive for him to retaliate in the future. He was willing to spare her once. Of course, this feud was settled.
The princess looked up and hated, "Who wants you to spare you if you are lame? You’d better be careful not to fall into the princess’s hands all the time after today, or I will cut you to pieces."
Although she said malicious words, the sound was delicate and crisp with a little sob, and it was greatly reduced when she fell into Li Zhichang’s ear.
Li Zhichang smiled noncommittally and said lightly, "If there were many offenses in the past, if the county mainly came for revenge, I’ll play along, but now I have to go." He got jet intermittent cream and witnessed it with his own eyes. He didn’t want to say anything more. He wanted to find a quiet place to recover his injury first.
The monarch saw that he was going to leave with a cane, and his white clothes were covered with dust, and his figure was lonely. Somehow, Xiao Suo had some pity for this man. She said, "Don’t be busy." Her words were complicated and involuntary.
Li Zhichang turned and frowned. "Is there anything else for the princess?"
The princess looked sluggish. She wanted to let Li Zhichang leave her heart. The boss was not happy, but after Li Zhichang turned around, she didn’t know what to say. She was always quick-witted and cold, covering up her mind. She said, "I don’t know your name yet. How can I get revenge from you in the future? Don’t always call me the princess. My Chinese name is Zhao Min." After she said her Chinese name, she felt relieved, and she didn’t want to say her Mongolian name. It seemed that she didn’t want to have a racial gap with Li Zhichang, so even her own seat mind could not be detected
Li Zhichang listened to her words and stared at her with a long sigh. "Miss Zhao in Li Zhichang, Zhongnanshan will also remember it."
Li Zhichang’s double staff is a little flying like disappearing into the moonlight.
Zhao Min stopped and looked at the cold wind for a long time, and she didn’t feel a little dew wet her fluffy hair, and the moonlight skin was beautiful.
Ah Da whispered in the previous step, "It’s cold and windy at night, so let’s go back and rest early."
Zhao Min said, "Do you remember that man’s name is Li Zhichang?"
Before Ada answered Zhao Min Judo, "I remember Li Zhichang!" She returned to the carriage, and the land was silent again.
Since that day, Li Zhichang has found a secluded mountain stream for healing. It has been three days and three nights. Li Zhichang didn’t go to a place to exercise his power. The jet intermittent cream was really magical and magical. The effect of volatilization of qi was incredibly rapid in three days and three nights. Li Zhichang relied on the mysterious induction of qi to witness the regeneration of broken bones and meridians in succession. His experience was no less than the re-growth of his legs. He was more deeply aware of his body and grasped his qi and blood almost in detail.
After his recovery, Li Zhichang slept again and stepped out of the mountain stream. After these days, Li Zhichang didn’t know the six schools and the teaching situation, such as re-entering the yellow sand desert. It was another scene. Li Zhichang already didn’t need crutches. He didn’t feel this kind of lightness for a long time. A person showed flying skills in the wind, and the sky was bright and the clouds were long. This feeling made his heart particularly calm.
Suddenly, Li Zhichang was surprised that he was back to his heyday at the moment, and thought that the present world could match him. I didn’t expect that there was a blue figure in front of him, and it was full of laughter in the middle of this desert. At the same time, Li Zhichang sounded a calendar behind him to drink "The King of Green Winged Bats released me as a disciple."
The man in Li Zhichang leans back dozens of feet, and this time he drinks a hundred feet away. Li Zhichang heard this sound as the voice of the extinct teacher. "Did the people in front take away Emei’s brother?"
When he hesitated, he pulled dozens of feet to the man in front. Li Zhichang saw the man holding a person, but the speed of running in the desert was as fast as that of land, and the speed was amazing
Li Zhichang has seen many successful qigong players in his life, whether it is Gong Sundaniang or the theory of picking stars, which makes Li Zhichang move, but it is inferior to the man in front. This is because the man in front is holding a person, and now the speed can also be compared with the time when picking stars and other manpower display qigong.
Li Zhichang knew that this man was gifted if he was not capable, or he was gifted if he practiced this whole body like a ghost flying skill. Li Zhichang was aggressive and ran faster than before by three points. Finally, he didn’t lose the man in front.
But the other party’s speed is faster. Li Zhichang’s qi flow is almost imperial. Flying is pulling the extinct teacher farther and farther away from the front green shadow. It’s not too good that the man holding one person seems to have some influence, although he can’t jilt Li Zhichang for a while after chasing him.
After chasing for a long time, the extinction teacher became farther and farther away from the king of Qingyi Bat. Finally, she stopped and was taken away. It was Emei Sect Zhou Zhiruo, otherwise the extinction teacher wouldn’t be chasing after her. But now she is far from flying. Even if the king of Qingyi Bat runs wildly again, I’m afraid that the other party would have gone bald in the end. She still has Emei Sect to take care of and chase out dozens of miles. It’s already in her heart that she has a passion for Zhou Zhiruo.
She also saw a white shadow, but she didn’t recognize it. This white shadow is that Li Zhichang and Li Zhichang were not seen for many days. On that day, A Spider was one step ahead. The trench of Emei Sect was faster than them day and night. I don’t know how many Emei Sect fought with the magic Sect on this road. Li Zhichang just met Emei Sect after he was injured.
Chapter 10 Blue Rock Frost and Snow
After running for half a day, Li Zhi can’t catch up with the green-winged bat Wang Xindao in front. I don’t believe you are so bad.
By this time, Li Zhichang not only saved people, but also naturally aroused the competitive spirit. Everyone has the competitive spirit, even the God Buddha is no exception, but there are deep hidden differences, which is also the driving force for human progress.
He suddenly took a mouthful of true qi from the abdomen, and it seemed that the wind was blowing. Suddenly, the speed was three points faster. In an instant, he and the blue figure in front of him narrowed the distance by dozens of feet. At the same time, he said, "Can you stop and meet each other?"
But the king of green-winged bats seems to turn a deaf ear to Li Zhichang’s words and never turn his head back to Li Zhichang’s heart. You dare not be so contemptuous of me even if you are flying high. Can’t I stop you?
Li Zhichang suddenly took a palm and actually took a palm across the distance of seven zhangs. The king of green-winged bats was really serious. He was holding the female figure as if a leaf boat had been palm-handed by Li Zhichang, but actually pulled ten zhangs away from Li Zhichang.
Li Zhichang secretly marveled that this man was gifted with extraordinary flying skills, and he didn’t know how to practice it. At this moment, he was able to catch up with each other for a moment. His miraculous success was almost inexhaustible, and it might as well take another day and a night, but the other party might not stand up.
The green-winged bat king is suffering now. He attacked the Emei Sect and caught this female brother. This female brother is the Zhou Zhiruo green-winged bat king who is going to suck Zhou Zhiruo’s blood and kill the Emei Sect. I didn’t know that the other party actually grabbed her shoulder and gave birth to Tao Yang and tried to play him with his palm. Only then did I realize that she had practiced Emei Jiuyang Kung Fu, but the green-winged bat king couldn’t wait for Zhou Zhiruo’s shallow Emei Jiuyang Kung Fu. Naturally, it was hard for him to stop her without any effort.
However, this female brother actually practiced Emei Jiuyang Kung Fu, which really gave him a big surprise. He made a mistake when practicing yin and cold, and there was cold and yin in the meridians. If he tried to detoxify himself with one hand, cold and yin would develop. If he didn’t suck human blood, his veins would condense into ice. This evil disease has accompanied him for decades, and he also knows that it is necessary to solve his cold and yin with pure yang. But how can these people help him if he has pure yang?
If he is allowed to steal these achievement methods, it is a great faction to have these achievement methods. Secondly, he doesn’t know who has practiced this kind of achievement except the head of the faction. This time, it’s so pitiful that he happens to seize the practice of Emei Jiuyang Gong. Zhou Zhiruo wants to force out the route of Emei Jiuyang Gong from the other side’s mouth, even if he can’t drive away all his body cold poison, he can greatly alleviate the body cold poison with his martial arts knowledge. Naturally, it is easy to suck people’s blood every time after the event.
Well, before this sneak attack, he caught a Kunlun Sect brother and sucked each other’s blood. He also held on to Zhou Zhiruo’s flying skills. The martial arts of the extinct teacher were not much worse than him. Even the king of green-winged bats didn’t dare to scratch his edge, but the theory of flying skills was far from him. His flying skills were not rooted in the practice of functions, and most of them came from talent.
He was able to get rid of the extermination teacher, but he didn’t expect a Li Zhichang to surprise him halfway. He accidentally turned around and saw that the other person was just a man of about 30 years old who was far behind him, but he had high flying skills. I’m afraid that no one in the world can beat this young man except himself. His flying skills are natural and true martial arts are first-class masters, but they are far less sensational than flying skills.
He can’t dump Li Zhichang for half a day, but because of the power consumption, the king of green-winged bats is getting closer and closer to the cold poison. He knows that although he has held a person, holding a person at this point is far from as big as ordinary people think. Therefore, even if he really wants to dump the man behind Zhou Zhiruo, it may not be easy for Zhou Zhiruo to get rid of the cold poison for the rest of his life. He can’t bear to put Zhou Zhiruo on the other side and want him to stop.