If you give the refined salt that you are constantly producing to the Royal Guards and let them sell it to you, your refined salt business will not be able to travel all over the country in a short time and will not be noticed by the local government court …

So the idea of selling refined salt with Luo Yangyang came to Weizheng’s mind in the blink of an eye.
Locke raises a gender, a pair of suspicious eyes look at Wei Zheng and give a small command to the guards directly.
Soon the bodyguard walked into the center of the hall with a bag full of things.
Wei Zheng didn’t go straight to the sack and hit it. Then he pointed to the sack and said to Luo Yangyang, "Brother Luo, I said that if you make more money, you can put it in this bag …"
Locke raises a gender eyes a bright hurriedly walked to come over.
When Luo raises a gender and looks at the things in the bag and touches them with his hands, a pair of eyes directly shoot out two shirts and then ask Wei Zheng, "This is refined salt, and it is still very pure refined salt. When you get it to Beijing, you can sell it for twelve silvers and one load more …"
Then I seemed to think of something and asked Wei Zheng with a look of expectation, "Wei Xiong, do you mean that you have a way to get this kind of refined salt … if the quantity is large, I will give Wei Xiong 12 silvers for each load and sell it to me, and my security will sell it all over the country …"
Wei Zheng wants to be this sentence. Luo raises a pair of eyes full of expectation and hot eyes. Wei Zheng asks, "Luo Xiong, you are familiar with our big dynasty. Do you think how much salt can be consumed in a year?"
After some meditation, Luo Yangyang replied, "I don’t know about other places. Take Beijing as an example. Because there are a large number of royalty and dignitaries living in it, the refined salt is absolutely 50,000 tons per year. You know, for those rich people, refined salt is not only necessary for eating, but also for gargling."
"In addition to the capital, the demand in the south is also very huge. After all, the people in the south are very rich … so I guess we need 700 thousand tons of refined salt less in the whole year."
Wei Zheng nodded with a thoughtful face and said, "As far as I know, Luo Xiong’s refined salt base comes from Shaanxi. Although some salt wells can also produce refined salt, the quantity is very limited."
"But since the Shaanxi rebellion, there is no longer a load of refined salt from Shaanxi that can enter the Central Plains and Jiangnan, so the annual refined salt gap in the whole dynasty is about 600,000 tons less."
"If I give you six hundred thousand loads of refined salt every year and let LuoXiong monopolize the whole refined salt market, I don’t know what price LuoXiong can give me …"
"Six hundred thousand bears …" After hearing this data, Luo’s cultivation was still a big jump even after he had known something about Wei Zheng’s list of big gifts.
At the same time, I have been boiling, and I have been silently calculating. If I really have 600,000 tons of refined salt, how much income will I have every year?
Have you ever thought about why Datong government can get so much refined salt?
I don’t know if there’s a saying that is well said, but it’s a shock …
Compared with selling grain, selling refined salt brings you more benefits than you think.
Luo raises his self-confidence. If he monopolizes the whole refined salt market and adds refined salt, only rich people will buy it. After the price of refined salt is over, he can be as high as fifteen taels of silver, and even twenty taels of silver is possible.
Because for those rich people, a few taels of silver per load of refined salt will never affect their pursuit of refined salt.
Once the price of refined salt is raised to 200 taels of silver, even if you can get a profit of 500 taels of silver from each tael of silver, you can get a whole three million taels of silver.
So in the face of the temptation of huge profits, Luo raised his emotions and directly replied, "If Brother Luo can really give me 600,000 tons of experience every year, then the purchase price for Brother Luo can be as high as fifteen taels of silver …"
Wei Zheng responded with a satisfied face, "It is frank to be close to Luo Xiong. In that case, we have settled … 600,000 tons of refined salt are traded on a monthly basis, and 50,000 tons of refined salt and 752,000 silver are sold in the market every month. That’s Luo Xiong’s own business …"
"In addition, I assure Luo Xiong … I produce refined salt here and sell it to Luo Xiong to ensure that Luo Xiong monopolizes the whole refined salt market …"
Chapter two hundred and twenty-nine Interest chain
At this moment, Luo raises a gender, although he really wants to know where Wei Zheng said these experiences came from, but when he saw Wei Zheng’s smile and didn’t want to say more, he still kept his mouth shut.
After all, you and Wei Zheng are no longer a level, but an offensive and defensive alliance. If you don’t even have a little secret, then Wei Zheng, the company commander of Datong Prefecture, will not continue to be necessary.
But even so, the profit of millions of silver cars every year still makes Luo Yangyang feel from the bottom of his heart that he has come to Datong House this time and has been in glad you came.
Not only that, I have overfulfilled my official duties, but I am sure that when I return to Beijing, I will reward myself again more than promoting myself to court status and official position.
Weizheng looked at Locke with a smile, took a deep breath and said with a face of regrets, "Weixiong, you really opened my eyes … I’m here to give Weixiong a guarantee. If something happens in the DPRK, I will definitely tell Weixiong that I will do everything I can to give Weixiong your interests …"
"This is the interest chain that brings benefits to yourself. It seems that from now on, I will develop more interest chains and bind more offensive and defensive alliances to myself …" After hearing Luo’s sexual guarantee, the defender couldn’t help but make a temporary decision and sent out a sigh with emotion …
It is safe to say that 600,000 tons of refined salt each year has tied himself to Luo Yangyang in front of him, and Luo Yangyang will definitely do everything possible to help himself not to fall down in the DPRK, thus becoming a great foreign aid to himself.
Thought of here WeiZheng directly take out a fold to Locke raises a gender.
"LuoXiong this is before you come to datong mansion butch army won a victory again …"
"After two days of bloody fighting, our Tiger and Leopard Army once again suffered unprecedented losses and took Shanyin County, the last stronghold of the rebels …"
"But the rebel commander-in-chief fled for his life and got rid of the butch army’s pursuit of him. Once again, Shanyin County set a fire to burn the ashes in Shanyin County …"
"In this fire, the rebels not only burned down thousands of remnants of Shanyin County, but also burned down more than 1,000 butch soldiers who had rushed into Shanyin County …"
"I hope that the court can give Shanyin County, together with Huairen, to my Tiger and Leopard Army for jurisdiction … I assure the court that Shanyin County will pay ten thousand loads of grain or fifty-two thousand pieces of silver to the court every year, just like Huairen County …"
Look at the foreign Wei Zheng handed me a shirt and quickly passed away from the wily Locke’s eyes.
Then he asked Wei Zheng, "Wei Xiong, it seems that you also have a special liking for Shanyin County …"
"I will help you face the annual tax of 10,000 tons of grain or 52,000 silver. I believe that no one in the imperial court will object … but I have a question to ask Brother Wei. I hope Brother Wei can be honest with me, because only in this way can I better ensure that the Tiger and Leopard Army will always be stationed in Datong House."
I heard that Wei Zheng’s eyes also quickly shot out two shirts, but it was no longer a novice in officialdom. Wei Zheng directly hid this shirt in a very short time.
Luo Yang looked at it as calmly as possible and answered, "I don’t know what Brother Luo wants to know?"
"Very simple … I want to know how many troops are left in the rebels who escaped from Shanyin County, and whether Shanxi can once again set off a bloody battle …"
Hearing this question, the first thought in Wei Zheng’s heart is what the wily Locke has seen before.
However, since I have formed an alliance of offensive and defensive with Luo Yangyan in front of me, there is no need to continue to hide my own purpose. If Luo Yangyan doesn’t even know his own purpose, how can he help himself to stay in Datong House in the DPRK …
So Wei Zheng only said after a short meditation, "Luo Xiong’s eyes are really diabolical. They are really the command of a security guard … To tell the truth, although the rebels have been attacked by our butch army three times in a row, their main force is still … According to my estimation, there are at least 10,000 people retreating from Shanyin County …"
"LuoXiong recognize ten thousand rebel elite can Shanxi set off a new confrontation …"
"Raise coach’s self-respect …" After listening to Wei Zheng’s answer, Luo’s self-cultivation is almost conscious to say these four words
Then he said to Wei Zheng with a face of migration, "Wei Xiong, you see that when I was in a hurry, I said such a big negative remark … Wei Xiong, please rest assured that I already know your eyes and thoughts … I promise that the butch and leopard army in Shanxi will always be stationed in Datong, and people can’t leave …"
Beijing during travel-stained back to the capital Luo raises a gender and just brought himself back. When the official department finished, it came out. He retorted, "The veteran minister is opposed to giving the two counties of Huairen and Shanyin to the defense of the Tiger and Leopard Army …"
"Tiger and leopard army stationed in Datong Prefecture, they are in such a hurry to expand their territory. Do you have any ulterior motives for the tiger and leopard army to do so?"
Now that you’re right with the official department, it’s no longer polite to raise a gender.
Don’t hesitate to ask, "Wang Daren, what do you think the court should do if you don’t give the two counties to the Tiger and Leopard Army? Rebuild the two counties with silver or throw them to the rebels again …"
"You know, after we give the two counties to the Tiger and Leopard Army, the Tiger and Leopard Army will pay 20,000 tons of grain or 100,000 taels of silver to the court every year. If Wang Daren doesn’t spend one tael of silver from the court to send his own recognized and trustworthy officials to receive the two counties, he will also pay so much tax to the court every year. Please veto this plan …"
"This ….." Locke raises a gender and asks Emperor Chongzhen a series of sharp eyes. The official department is still directly refuted and speechless.
Glared mercilessly before trying to break their own fortunes, the official department of Emperor Chongzhen said, "You love Qing, I know that everyone is thinking big, but I want to say that if you love Qing, you should think about how to increase the income of the court …"
"You think about it, if every county in the big dynasty can pay fifty-two thousand silver taxes to the court every year like the tiger and leopard army will be under the jurisdiction of these two counties, then thousands of counties in that country will add up to tens of millions of silver taxes, and then the court will have silver. Do you still need to be like today?"
"Well, I’ve decided it’s settled …"
Chapter two hundred and thirty The biggest background
"Pursuit English …" Locke was the first to kneel down to the throne of Emperor Chongzhen and said.
Although his ministers in the hall were very reluctant, they had to kneel down to accept this fact when they saw the firm expression on Chongzhen’s face.
When Chongzhen is ready to announce his retirement from the DPRK, he kneels down and raises a gender and says again
"I have another important thing to start …"
"The Tiger and Leopard Army, commander of Datong company commanders Weizheng, successfully recovered Huairen and Shanyin counties from the rebels after ten days of bloody fighting. Although the rebel leaders finally escaped in the Shanyin guarding city war, the Tiger and Leopard Army, commander in chief of Wei’s adult, after all, destroyed more than 10,000 rebels, so the veteran court must reward them with such great achievements …"
Speaking of which, Luo’s temper suddenly turned and continued, "In addition, I implore you to take back the official title of Wei’s adult Royal Guards Tongzhi … The most important reason why Wei’s adult Royal Guards Tongzhi was ordered at the beginning was to adapt to the original external situation and facilitate the tiger and leopard army to attack the later elite …"
"Now, Wei’s adult has become the company commander of Datong Mansion in the third courtyard of the imperial court, avoiding suspicion, and the adults in the DPRK said that I am a private minister of Luo’s self-cultivation. At the same time, Wei’s adult must be recovered, and the imperial court is determined to lead troops to eliminate Datong because of the bandits in Shanxi."
It seems that Emperor Chongzhen wants to defend himself from the rank of the Royal Guards or his official position, which is not in line with Luo’s cultivation, so he will no longer go with Luo’s cultivation rather than make friends and enemies with their respective interests.
And this is definitely an ending that Chongzhen wants to see most.
Because there is no day to see the minister’s strength expand to the point of self-control
Luo raises his mind and says what he thinks. At the same time, Emperor Chongzhen has agreed to this idea from the bottom of his heart.
Nuoda Chaotang not only sits on the throne, Chongzhen has always been sworn enemies with Luo Yangyan. Although it is not clear what Luo Yangyan would give such an opinion, when he thought that Luo Yangyan would lose this foreign aid, the DPRK forces would definitely suffer a lot, but he did not hesitate to come out and suggest to Chongzhen.
"Positions veteran also agreed with Locke’s adult to avoid the cronyism and private situation in the DPRK, which also made Wei’s adult better. The court should immediately take back Wei’s adult’s royal security tongzhi title …"
"Yu Wei’s adult’s achievements in Datong government should be sealed by the old minister, who is the second in the imperial court, and the Shanxi company commander will lead all the military in Shanxi to eliminate all the bandits in Shanxi and continue to make contributions."
"What a cruel move …" This was the first thought of Emperor Chongzhen after hearing what the official department had said.