Evaporate the flying knife

And half the members of the whole team were coked.
After doing this, I looked at Olga, who was still desperate to resist the residual opponents, and thought quietly.
Not the kui is just born higher plane all kinds of energy just like don’t money to the dead, even a group of elite adventurers have close to [a demon] strength …’
Olga is observing.
The oldest of these adventurers is only about fifty years old.
For this plane, the average life expectancy is more than 200 years, and people are not old.
And at least four of them have strength close to [a demon]
Even if this situation in [Abyss] [Abyss Devil] is not an achievement, it is a matter of establishing their innate commitment to killing each other from birth!
Each [abyss demon] may be very cerebral palsy in other aspects, but the efforts made in killing and fighting are imagined by ordinary people!
A [a demon] kills hundreds of thousands and millions of living things …
And this group of mortals’ blood is generally worthless. I’m afraid there are not as many guys as most [Little Demons]. They just have enough energy to force them to this point …
In the face of this situation, Olga can also sigh that the bonus enjoyed by this group of mortals who are living beings in the early stage of the whole advanced plane is absolutely super-standard …
Soon after
After cleaning up the basement, Olga slowly walked out of the door.
At a glance, I saw a lot of alert postures. Ordinary soldiers were holding weapons and looking at themselves. Further away, there were a lot of longbows and crossbows ready to go …
In this regard, Olga conveniently took out two cards from 【 Crimson 】.
[Dark Duel-Enchantment/Ritual-Middle Demon (all life force messengers in the range will be strengthened by crimson absorption)]
[Poisonous Rain Banquet-Enchantment/Ceremony-Medium Demon (the moderate intensity will increase with the quantity and quality of the dead)]
A purple enchantment and a black enchantment immediately spread out in the center of Olga and enveloped the whole city.
Then a flood of purple poison rain fell from the sky.
Everything touched, whether it’s a living body or a soil shield … except Olga, the manipulator, it’s different to dissolve …
In this way, all kinds of struggles and screams launched a "dark duel" and "crimson" for their first meal.
the next day
When the investigation team sent by his forces arrived,
The whole city has already become a huge pit.
Filled with a lot of tumbling purple acid pulp, the smell they give off can make people poisoned.
There is something left around.
Chapter 6 Brush material
A few days later
[Zandika World] A forest is full of all kinds of Warcraft forests.
[Dark Duel] Enchantment Department
Olga is wearing a gold-red eye-catching robe, and the crown of a big tree at most looks at Fang’s fierce fighting.
There is no fluctuation in the look when you tease ants.
After all, it is true.
In this plane, because you can’t move your real power, he directly creates the "crimson" and "crimson red card", both of which are external to the plane and evade the power limit.
But that doesn’t mean that all his strength is that side.
He connected things [crimson] is his energy furnace, and it is not difficult for Olga to extract five-color mana from it to cast spells.
It’s because he wants to play cards more.
You know, in those days, he had seen several games, Wang Jiangzhe!
It’s a choice for a dark fighter to hit people himself!
Of course, just in case Ortega made some fighting artifacts to guard against some guys trying to sneak attack in have no martial ethics!
And what he is wearing is Form One.
[Bloody sigh-artifact/wonder-a demon (constant 50 hour spells+50 causal spells+50 protective spells+50 attack spells …)]
It can be said that to put this dress on, most street children are visible to Olga.
Most of the resources in the former city were consumed.