I don’t know what will happen if Wang Dalang and I expose the woman, but there is no way to change the fact that Wang Dalang and I have exposed the woman.

I know the phrase "root out the future trouble", but I can’t do harm to a woman who can be considered a hidden danger but not an enemy at all because I am worried about the unknown consequences.
"Girl don’t worry too much" Wang Dalang shook his head and glanced at me.
"Master, go to Xiangxi with me. I don’t want you to stay in fz city." Let Wang Dalang leave fz city with me before me.
Check things is bound to have follow-up. Now, after Wang Dalang and I are exposed, I feel that Wang Dalang is too unsuitable to stay in fz city.
"Master said to keep the fragrant mounting shop and the maid at home. Don’t persuade me again. You know that you are a stubborn master and a stubborn one." Wang Dalang laughed and refused my proposal again.
"Didn’t master say that any place where there are disciples is home? Don’t you want disciples to cry for you to listen to them?" I paused and looked at Wang Dalang.
"Girl, I don’t threaten people like this. If you cry because of this, you will come back and settle accounts with me." Wang Dalang is bitter and wrinkled.
"Sister Ran, are you coming for real? Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait,
Goo Tsai’s figure should be suspended and floated face to face with me. He pulled out a small bottle from his clothes, pulled out the cork, and then connected the bottle to the corner of my eye. His eyes were black and white, and his eyes were watery, so he made a gesture of always being ready to receive my tears.
"Goo Tsai" Goo Tsai’s reaction made me jump out of my mood just before, and I had an impulse to grind my teeth and bite Goo Tsai.
Goose boy smiled and bent his eyes, and instantly recovered him. He picked me up, and the small bottle in the corner of his eye automatically escaped into the Yinzhu and never came out again.
My face was covered with black lines and I hurried on. Wang Dalang laughed and laughed with Wang Dalang behind me, which made me even more depressed.
When I returned home with Wang Dalang, I saw Dan Tai Li holding her arms against the wall of my house.
Entering the house together, I took out the black bottle and the bottle of resin oil from the ring and put them on the living room coffee table for Dan Tai glass to have a closer look.
Dan Tai glass first picked up the black bottle and cracked the cork, looked at it carefully and shook his head, saying that he didn’t see anything special about the black bottle, and then asked me if this black bottle had ever been filled with anything.
I told Dan Tai that the black bottle in his hand once contained green gas. Dan Tai said that it was no wonder that he couldn’t see through what was wrong with the black bottle. In particular, it should be that there was something strange in front of the black bottle, but it disappeared with the black bottle in the black bottle containing gas.
Dan Tai glass finished to put aside the black bottle and then picked up the bottle of resin oil on the tea table.
Dan Tai glass didn’t hit the cork, but took the bottle full of resin oil and shook it suddenly for a few times before keeping an eye on the bottle of resin oil
I followed Dan Tai’s eyes and looked at the bottle of resin oil. I didn’t see any change after the resin oil was violently panicked.
Dan Tai glass stared at the bottle of resin oil for about a minute and then put it on the coffee table, saying that this resin oil is concentrated, and one bottle of resin oil is equivalent to ten bottles of resin oil, which can keep people in a hot and beautiful state for nearly a year.
When a year has passed, people who have drunk corpse oil will age at a speed of one day, which is equivalent to the aging speed of normal people in one year.
Dan Tai Li told me to frown. I asked Dan Tai Li if she had ever drunk such corpse oil. Everyone was at the same venue.
Dan Tai glass nodded and said that once a person drinks such resin oil, he can’t avoid the same scene.
Dan Tai glass answered that there was silence in the export room, and then I asked Dan Tai glass if it was going to be continued by Bai Linger.
Dan Tai Li said that when he came, he would send someone to keep an eye on Bai Linger and Lily’s mother and try to put an end to any chance of success. Although it is said that the root cause is still better than watching someone rush to let themselves fall into perdition.
When I asked, I could treat both the symptoms and the root causes. Dan Tai Li said that what Bai Linger did was not a violation of the rules of the Three Realms. Everything should be slowly mapped out in the white clouds
I was heartbroken when I heard the rules of Dan Tai Li Zaisanjie. More than that, the loopholes are as big as the rules of the Three Realms.
When I heard that I clenched my fist in the white clouds in Dan Tai, I would be able to face the grievances in the white clouds.
After Dan Tai Li finished speaking, he asked me if I wanted him to drive me to the airport early in the morning. I restrained my emotions and shook my head, saying that it was too uneconomical to drive back and forth.
Dan Tai glass agreed to tell me that I must always pay attention to everything when I go to the scenic area again, and remember not to take risks. I said yes, and I always cherish my life.
It didn’t take long for Dan Tai Glass to leave me, and then leave fz City with Wang Dalang after Dan Tai Glass.
Wang Dalang once again refused to urge me to rest early, saying that he was a little tired, too.
See Wang Dalang continue to stubbornly insist that I shake my head and get up from my seat to wash, and then call Xie Yiming after returning to my room with Goo Tsai.
This time, the words got through smoothly, and Xie Yiming quickly answered the words.
Goose boy Xie Yiming giggled and left the room after answering the phone, saying that he didn’t want to listen to me and Xie Yiming’s sweet words, saying that Xie Yiming and I would talk next time might bring him bad.
After listening to Goo Tsai’s words, I looked at Goo Tsai’s back when he left the room. I shook my head on my forehead.
Answer the phone Xie Yiming asked me if I knew Han Tianqin’s marriage. He said that he hadn’t come back after receiving Tang Sike’s words that day, so he joined me as Jiang Yan entered an experience. There was no signal on the mobile phone in that place until just now he and Jiang Yan left the experience.
I said that I am now at home in fz city. I have already attended Han Tianqin’s wedding. I will leave fz city early and return to Miaojiang to meet my grandmother.
I asked Xie Yiming if he worked hard with Jiang Yan. Xie Yiming said that he missed me too much because he didn’t work hard.
I laughed and asked Xie Yiming what he missed me. Xie Yiming said that I smiled, turned around and looked back, which made him dream.
"Did someone put honey on their mouth?" Xie Yiming’s answer made me feel satisfied.
"Yes, dear, how do you know if you want to try it?" Xie Yiming said with a deep smile.
"I’ll try it when you come back now," said Xie Yiming. I miss Xie Yiming so much.
"Dear, I am a man of Cao Cao’s heart now, and I really want to rub you into my arms at this moment, and we will never part again." Xie Yiming’s voice suddenly sank with a difficult and depressing fork.
"What’s the matter with you?" I frowned at Xie Yiming’s hard-to-hide depressed mood.
"No, it’s just that I miss you so much that I don’t see you for a day. Sanqiu tastes bad, dear." Xie Yiming returned to normal.
"Darling, I’m not afraid of the distance between you and me in your heart, are I?" My heart is a little wider when Xie Yiming returns to normal.
Chatting with Xie Yiming for a while, I also hung up and called the room door to greet the living room sofa to jump and play. Goo Zi came into the room. I took out the ancient lamp from the object ring and arranged it in the center of the ancient lamp.
After the disposal, I lit the ancient lamp in the center of the array and let the ancient lamp practice. I myself was the fifth layer of practicing bamboo slips.
I already know that I can also light the ancient lamp with a rich half-black and half-white streamer, but I don’t know if it will cause serious consequences for me and Goo Tsai to light the ancient lamp at the same time.
In this way, I choose the time when Goo Zi can come out of Yin Zhu and try to let Goo Zi light the ancient lamp first to practice.
Earlier, when Goo Zi stopped practicing and returned to Yinzhu automatically, I also stopped to continue practicing the fifth floor of bamboo slips, and lit the rich half-black and half-white streamer of ancient lamps.
After practicing for half an hour, I quit the ancient lamps and the objects from the ground disposal to Wang Dalang to prepare breakfast.
After breakfast with Wang Dalang and cleaning up the kitchen, it was time for me to say goodbye to Wang Dalang.
I refused Wang Dalang’s request for a car to take me to the airport, and told Wang Dalang to take good care of himself when he was alone in fz. If anything happened, please let me know.
After Wang Dalang answered, I left home and took a taxi to the airport.
Waiting for the plane to take off by plane, I tracked Wu Xier’s invisible paper man. From the message of invisible paper man, I knew that Wu Xier was very quiet and changed.