"Brother Gu heard that you are the holy body of fighting, just as my unformed mixed Taoist body is going to compete with you in the end!"

Sue should roar with laughter, step by step, and come directly to the front of Gu City, holding a mountain seal and blasting it towards him!
"What? You are also a special physique! I don’t believe it! " On the whole eyes cold than he is most proud of is their own fighting Eucharist this system ranked ninth in three thousand special physique, but I didn’t think Su Ying was also a special physique, but also said that the mixed Yuan Daoti! Five levels higher than him!
This makes him feel ashamed and angry!
"Turn over the sky!" Every step Su Ying takes, there must be a printing hand, followed by a real dragon seal!
These printing methods are poor in power, but they are completely magical. It can be said that the stronger you meet, the stronger you get!
"monty hand!"
Gu city thundered at Su Ying and bombarded him with two phases. He was stronger than Su Ying for three big realms. At this time, he shot with great power!
Su Ying was able to fight with him at first, but as time went on, he gradually felt that he was in the wind.
"I don’t believe you’re a mixed Taoist. Mixed Taoist can’t be so weak! Give me death! " Gu city laughed coldly and stepped on monty’s footwork again. Monty’s hand directly hit Su Ying!
"Do you believe it or not!"
Sue should laugh and directly take out the brute hammer arm and listen to Mao with a wave of his hand. Suddenly, the whole hand collided together.
Zhang Jinghong was shocked by the sound wave and his face was pale.
Next to Xi Taiyue, she was unmoved, and all the sound waves came to her and died automatically.
Mao Mao Mao!
Sue should be holding a pretty god hammer, but despite the whole city, the two of them instantly met for hundreds of strokes. At that time, the divine light exploded all over the sky, and a hill not far away was directly smashed!
It is a huge sound, and Su Ying’s single-handedly beating Su Ying’s hammer, with great strength, carried the tsunami-like mana like an avalanche to press Su Ying. Suddenly, his whole person was directly shot and flew for dozens of miles to smash a mountain.
After landing, Sue should stuffy hum a bang in the whole body hole opening, but he was slapped by the whole city, and the mana churned. If there were no world tree seedlings, I’m afraid I would explode.
Despite the whole face is extremely difficult to see that he is already a three-repair in the face of the dragon and tiger environment, which can be easily solved. Now he has met hundreds of tricks, but he still hasn’t taken Sue!
Su Ying’s body is like a dragon pulling a mountain, which can be said to be a great strength!
However, Su Ying’s mana was shaken by the other side. From this point of view, his physical strength is still slightly inferior to that of Gu City.
Su Ying laughed and calmed down the fluctuation of her body’s mana. Before striding forward again, she raised a brute hammer and slammed it hard. "Brother Gu, you have chased me for three times. Now I will let you know that it will take ten years and three years for me to step on your foot!"
Speaking, Su Ying was covered in purple and black magic gas, and the ancient magic body was running wildly. The bones of the limbs rose high and the whole body grew taller!
At the same time, he opened his mouth and roared, and then suddenly he took a breath that looked like real vitality. It looked like the sky clouds were directly pulled by a huge suction!
"joke! Don’t say that you are no match for me after 10 years and 100 years of practice! I will let you die today! " From the whole city in anger, the whole people once again came to Sue Ying deceives himself and left a ghosting image in situ, calling once Sue Ying’s forehead cover!
If you want to kill him with one blow!
Sue should not be outdone, directly lift the hammer to hit Gu Qingcheng’s big hand and collide again. Suddenly, the two people’s center turned to the ground where they went out and rolled like waves. Even the peaks thousands of meters away were cut off!
Two people move as fast as lightning. In addition to Xihe Taiyue, even Zhang Jinghong feels too many things to see. After dozens of deafening explosions, Sue should take care of the whole city, and the blood spilled from his mouth was obviously injured by the whole city!
But on the whole at the same time, he also forced back in situ surly like water in the heart again surprised again nu!
"Does he really mix yuan tao? No! That’ll be the day! How can he be a special physique! I don’t believe it! " Despite the whole heart roar, however, after just this battle, he himself also said himself.
As we all know, Archaean is a famous suicide avatar, and it’s hard to compare with Kosu. How long has it been? I have made rapid progress all the way to become the sixth weight.
At the beginning, the whole city was crushed by imposing manner alone, but how long did it take? Sue should be able to fight against herself without dying!
This kind of cultivation speed, this kind of qualification can’t even find his reason except special physique.
Sue should laugh coldly, and the ancient demon body keeps humming. He is like a crazy tiger, ignoring his injuries. Before striding forward, he waved a brute hammer and swept the whole city again, unaware of his injuries!
On the whole cold hum a new way "even if you are mixed yuan tao body and again? I will chop you today! Purify your blood and blend it into my body! In this way, I can truly become a cross-century qualification! "
Sue should explode and drink the hammer of God, hitting it repeatedly, as if the God had forced him to fight hard against the whole city!
Both of them are extremely tough people in the flesh, which can make some ancient animals with special blood feel ashamed. They are strong enough to tear the mountains and kill the dragons.
Mao! Mao! Mao!
Su Ying’s hammer is pretty, and his hand keeps colliding with the whole city. Although he has a thing in his hand, he is fighting and fighting. The body of the Eucharist has already cultivated the earth. Although the hammer is integrated with a little bit of iron, it is also a hard and heavy magic weapon.
At this time, he was also photographed with potholes, showing how tough their strength is!
"Sue teacher younger brother, you really surprised me that the flesh was refined to this extent! It seems that you are really a mixed Taoist, and you are really unlucky! This time, I can not only get the source of five elements, but also blend in with your mixed Taoist blood! I regard the whole city as destined to be a god! "
He laughed proudly and said, "In that case, brother, let you see my holy book of fighting!"
Speaking of the whole city suddenly thundered a "fight the Eucharist! Open! "
Chapter 34 Breaking the Limit
With regard to the whole city in anger, his whole body suddenly gushed out a blue-gray mana fluctuation. At the same time, his body expanded and his muscles were ferocious. At the same time, he broke his clothes and his whole body was red and yellow as gold. As if it were cast by steel, it was full of surging power, and he lifted his hand and shot to Sue. The power was even more earth than before!
"Today, I will smash you into a paste with pure strength and let you die!" He is like a king kong fiend, full of violence and murderous look.
"Archaic magic body!"
Sue stress operation swire magic body hand pretty god hammer suddenly rose big arm swept mercilessly toward gu city hit!
"Don’t bite off more than you can chew!"
On the whole city laughed coldly, and the big hand suddenly took a beat of Mao and kept taking pictures. Sue should be quite a hammer surface!
The brute hammer was directly knocked upside down by him and flew out. If Sue hadn’t pulled this one, she would have been able to get rid of the brute hammer!